The latest

The latest

So, this is my new home. I like it better than my old homes, as it offers me more choice, more control and more buttons to press.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may notice some things are the same, and some content will migrate here over time. This is a necessary evil which will hopefully result in more new content as well as a regular flow of content. If I am struggling with a piece, I can work on it while still providing polished-ish content. Deadlines are scary to creativity, and this will help lessen that I hope.

If you are new, welcome. Check out the About Page to get a full rundown of who and or what I am, and what to expect. Briefly though, I am a geek and a writer. I will be geeking and writing all over this website. You will find fiction and non-fiction, essays and musings, reviews and reports; all on whatever subject, topic or theme strikes my fancy at any given moment.

I hope you will stay and find out what is happening in my head, because it can be a fun, funny, dramatic, terrible aweful, awesome time.


My latest writing piece can be found here.